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Application for Relief from Abuse

Posted in Domestic Violence, on February 2nd, 2017

An Application for Relief from Abuse is commonly referred to as a Restraining Order. The purpose is to protect the Applicant. It is filed in the closest Connecticut Family where either the Applicant or Respondent lives. It should not be confused with a Protective Order which is issued in the … Read More »

Custody Application

Posted in Custody, on January 27th, 2017

A Custody Application is the way non-married parents set a parenting plan. It is also used for married parents with children who live apart and for divorced parents who failed to address custody and visitation at the time of their divorce.

The Family Court must first determine that it has … Read More »

Child Support Modification

Posted in Child Support, on January 24th, 2017

A Connecticut Child Support Modification is possible when there has been a change in circumstances impacting a parent’s ability to pay the current child support order.

Some examples include total loss of job or a substantial decrease in income. A recent case shows how the process works. Here is a … Read More »

DCF Order of Temporary Custody

Posted in DCF and Juvenile Court, on January 23rd, 2017

For a Juvenile Court to sustain a DCF order of temporary custody (OTC), it must find that DCF proved, by a fair preponderance of the evidence, that a minor child would be subjected to immediate physical danger, if returned to the custody of a parent.

A recent case illustrates this … Read More »

Teen Killed On Route 8 Was DCF Ward; 3rd Foster Child To Die in December

Posted in DCF in CT, on December 30th, 2016

The state Office of the Child Advocate has begun an investigation into the death of 14-year-old Michael Shore, who was struck and killed by passing vehicles after he got out of a car driven by his foster mother on Route 8 in Naugatuck Dec. 22.

He is the third foster-care … Read More »

Auto Accident Involving Cellphone Yields $1.3M Settlement

Posted in Car Accidents, on December 29th, 2016

An auto accident involving cellphone use has been settled.

Here is a summary: A Connecticut couple was severely injured when their car was struck from behind by a distracted driver. The case settled for $1.3 million. Naturally, the litigants had different versions about how significantly one driver’s cellphone figured in … Read More »

Bridgeport Hospitals See Spike in Pedestrian Accidents

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents, on December 21st, 2016

BRIDGEPORT — Between Tuesday and Wednesday, three patients wound up in Bridgeport Hospital’s emergency room after getting hit by cars while crossing the street. Over the past few months, Bridgeport Hospital has averaged about 10 accidents a month in which walkers or cyclists were struck by cars, said Dr. Shea … Read More »

DCF Foster Care Has Unhappy Ending For Many Children

Posted in DCF in CT, on December 21st, 2016

At least half of the aged-out youth rely on public assistance, one in five leaves the foster care system without a high school diploma and only 11 percent go on to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree. DCF Commissioner Joette Katz, who participated in a youth forum Thursday at the … Read More »

Stamford Pit Bull Attack

Posted in Personal Injury, on November 16th, 2016

Here is a summary from a recent case from Stamford Court regarding a Stamford pit bull attack.

The plaintiff was walking her dog at a park. A pit bull jumped out of a car and jumped on the victim. She went to hospital with broken bones. Eventually, she needed hip … Read More »

Summons Family Actions

Posted in Divorce, on November 14th, 2016

Were you just served with a document called Summons Family Actions? This is also known a divorce summons. Its the first page of the paperwork needed to start a case in Connecticut Family Court.

The Summons directs a process server, usually a State Marshal, to notify someone that their spouse … Read More »