Lawsuits for Defamation: Libel or Slander

“It’s a free country” is a common response from people who use words as weapons. But the First Amendment is a not a shield when the words are untrue and when they intentionally or recklessly cause economic loss or damage to someone’s reputation.

I can assess your potential lawsuit for defamation. I am an experienced civil litigator who will pursue compensation for your economic and emotional damages. Even if you don’t win — or aren’t seeking — money, legal action can force the offending party to cease and desist or issue a retraction.

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Fairfield Defamation Attorney

Libel refers to printed material, such as false statements in books, magazines and newspapers, as well as electronic forums. In the new frontier of the Internet and social media, people feel free to write disparaging and hurtful things on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other mediums. Those words can take on a life of their own and potentially spread lies and sensitive private information to millions of people in a very short time.

Slander refers to the spoken word. It might apply to unfounded rumors that get accepted as truth as they get passed on. It might apply to malicious statements by business competitors, spiteful co-workers, former employers, ex-spouses or dating partners.

The bar is set high for a defamation lawsuit:

  • Truth is a defense. You have the burden of proving that the information is false or that the person acted with reckless disregard for the truth.
  • There must be intent. If the words themselves are not vicious, we have to show malice or motive behind the libelous or slanderous statements.
  • There must be actual harm. Has your business suffered? Were you were fired or “blacklisted” from employment? Has your personal reputation or relationships suffered in some tangible way? Has the ordeal caused you severe emotional distress? Did you have to quit or take leave from your job? Are you under a doctor’s care for the stress and anxiety? Have you received nasty comments or threats?

Stamford Libel Slander Lawyer

I will take the time to listen to your story and help in any way I can. I will give you a frank opinion of the strength of your case, your options and the likely outcome of legal action.

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