Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions

From the first step, the termination of parental rights, to the actual adoption itself, I can stand by your side. If a dispute arises, I have the legal experience and knowledge to see that your interests are represented. I am your advocate, ready to apply over 20 years of experience to your adoption case to see that it is done right.

Before the adoption can begin, you must first have the rights of the existing parent or parents terminated. This can be accomplished in probate court or juvenile court. Reasons to terminate parental rights and seek adoption can include a missing parent, a parent that is on drugs, or a parent that is incarcerated.

The second step is the actual adoption. This involves a home study by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. The most common cause for delay in adoption cases is a negative result in the Connecticut DCF home study. I will stand by your side to contest the results, when necessary. I will see that your side of the case is presented.

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I will take the time to educate you about the process. You can be certain that I will take every opportunity to make it as efficient and effective as possible. I am also available to represent grandparents adopting grandchildren, aunts and uncles adopting nephews and nieces, and other types of adoption. I am able to represent same sex couples in civil unions who wish to have one partner formally adopt the child of the other partner.

Termination of Parental Rights
Termination of Parental Rights

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