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Placed on the DCF Central Registry? Has the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) contacted you? If there been a DCF Substantiation against you or if you are under DCF investigation, you should consult with a Connecticut DCF lawyer right away.  Skilled legal representation can give you the best chance of protecting your rights and keeping your family together.

I have been battling with Connecticut DCF since 1996.  I handle a wide range of DCF-related matters for families throughout Connecticut. My goal is protecting what’s best for you and your family.

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DCF Substantiation and Your Legal Rights

If the DCF has evidence of child abuse or neglect, they will take action. They may visit your home unexpectedly, interrogating you and your child. They may take your child away. It is important to remember, however, that you have a voice in the process. You may request a substantiation hearing in which you have the opportunity to challenge the findings of the DCF determination.

If the DCF substantiates that you committed child abuse or neglect, it must afford you an opportunity to request an administrative hearing. After your request and before the hearing, a DCF staff member will review the substantiation. The result of this review will be that:

  • The DCF will reverse the substantiation decision and drop the allegations.
  • The substantiation determination will be upheld and the matter should proceed to the substantiation hearing where a person has a right challenge the determination.

When facing these serious issues, it is important to have an experienced Connecticut DCF lawyer on your side. I am familiar with this legal terrain and have helped numerous families protect their rights.

Central Registry Concerns

Another consequence of a DCF substantiation investigation and determination is that you run the risk of being placed on the DCF Central Registry and being denied employment in daycares, schools, teaching, coaching, nursing and other fields requiring contact with children. Being placed on this DCF database could hurt you in many ways, today and far into the future. Being registered may affect not only your ability to find a job but could impact custody or visitation with your own children. I can help you understand your rights in regard to the DCF Central Registry, and work to help you keep your name in good standing.

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