Medical malpractice often leads to tragic consequences. I understand that doctors can’t cure every illness or save every life. But they are accountable for a missed diagnosis, a botched surgery or other preventable error when it cuts a life short or results in lasting harm.

I can evaluate your case if you believe that your loved one’s injury or death resulted from medical malpractice or hospital malpractice.

Do you have grounds to sue a physician, surgeon or hospital for negligence? Contact me today for a free case evaluation. There are no attorney fees unless I win damages.

Connecticut Hospital Negligence Attorney

Medical providers are not responsible for every bad outcome. But they are bound by the accepted practices in their profession and the laws of negligence. When doctors or staff deviate from the standard of care, they increase the risk of harm and bypass safety protocols that might prevent the error.

As your Connecticut medical malpractice attorney, I can handle any kind of malpractice case, including:

Connecticut Medical Malpractice Lawyer

To even file a lawsuit, a qualified physician must attest that the standard of care was breached. There may also be a need for other medical experts and professionals to testify about the cause of death, the extent of injury and future care needs or projected earnings.

In complex cases, I may work with other attorneys who specialize in medical malpractice to assure that we bring the strongest case against the responsible parties and obtain the maximum compensation.

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If your family member’s medical tragedy could have been prevented, I am a Connecticut malpractice lawyer who will fight to hold the negligent providers accountable.

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