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The state of Connecticut is trying to phase out the concept of “visitation.” The courts instead refer to “parenting time” and “parenting plans,” reflecting a general trend toward more equalized time with the child and more equality and cooperation in raising children of divorce.

Whatever you call it – visitation, parenting time, shared custody – it remains a hot button issue in divorce and custody proceedings. Primary custody parents worry that too much back-and-forth will be unstable and stressful for the kids. Non-custodial parents worry about missing out or losing touch with their children. Parenting time also affects child support.

I am a Connecticut family law attorney with over 20 years of experience. My role as your lawyer is to safeguard the best interests of your child and your relationship with your child. I represent mothers and fathers in Fairfield County and New Haven County, whether you are fighting for primary custody or to maximize visitation.

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Connecticut Child Visitation and Parenting Time Attorney

I will sit down with you to explain your rights and the process for determining custody and visitation. I will give you my legal opinion on which way the court is likely to lean in awarding primary custody and explore the possible scenarios for parenting time:

  • Standard – alternate weekends and one overnight each week, with extra time during summer vacation and school breaks
  • Customized  – longer or shorter visitation, or every weekend, or one weekend a month or whatever arrangement makes the best sense for the child, the parents’ schedules and your family dynamics
  • Shared parenting – approximately equal time with both parents, such as alternating weeks or three-day/four-day
  • Supervised visitation if there are documented issues of alcohol or drug addiction, domestic violence, child abuse or mental instability

It is usually preferable to negotiate a workable parenting plan (the schedule, logistics and rules of co-parenting) out of court, rather than having those details dictated by a judge. But if this cannot be accomplished, we will prepare together to achieve your goals in a contested custody proceeding.

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I have handled every type of custody dispute in nearly over two decades of practicing family law in Connecticut. I avoid unnecessary legal battles, aiming for solutions that foster the health and happiness of your child and amicable relations with the co-parent.

I represent clients throughout Fairfield County including Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Trumbull, Stratford, Bridgeport, Westport, Weston, New Canaan, Wilton, Norwalk, Darien, Stamford and Greenwich.

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