Alimony Lawyer in Stamford and Fairfield, CT

Alimony. Spousal support.  Spousal maintenance. Whatever term you use, the subject often creates an emotional battlefield in divorce cases. One spouse insists it is necessary to preserve financial security. The other spouse considers it legalized extortion. If you are considering filing for divorce in which alimony will be a key factor, make sure you protect your financial interests.

I have many years of experience representing clients in divorce cases involving spousal support. Unlike child support, alimony is not based on a strict formula. Instead, it is based on the discretion of the judge involved in the case. The judge will typically consider the length of the marriage, the earnings of both sides, the cause for the divorce and other factors.

The amount of alimony to be awarded, and whether it should be awarded at all, is considered on a case by case basis. There is no hard and fast formula. The decisions are based on factors such as:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The education, job skills and earning potential of the spouse seeking support;
  • The income and debt of both spouses;
  • Earning capacity;
  • Health of both parties;
  • Standard of living during the marriage;
  • Valuation of marital assets in the property settlement;
  • Future value of financial assets awarded in the property settlement; and
  • Roles and expectations of the spouses during the marriage

I have seen many amicable divorces go completely sour when the issue of alimony becomes a factor for litigation. I will work hard to find a resolution that works for you. As your attorney, it is my job to flesh out the income, assets and other factors that will be taken into account in the decision. I will design a legal strategy to demonstrate what amount is fair in your case.

Stamford Alimony and Divorce Lawyer

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