Assault or Injury From Inadequate Security

The owners of commercial property or the administrators of a school have a duty to the safety of patrons, students and visitors. While it is not possible to foresee every attack or accident, the facility may be accountable for lack of security measures or failure to address dangerous situations.

I am an experienced personal injury lawyer who can pursue your rightful damages under Connecticut premises liability law.

Do you have a case? Contact me, a Fairfield negligent security lawyer, today for a free consultation if you suffered lasting injury or trauma and believe your attack in Fairfield County or New Haven County could have been prevented.

Connecticut Assault Injury Attorney

I can handle cases of assault at college dorms, hotels, apartment buildings, bars, parking lots, concerts, sporting events, public spaces or in the workplace.

There is no cost to you for me to review and pursue your potential lawsuit for a sexual assault, physical assault, mugging or intentional acts such as thrown objects. My job is to show how the security was inadequate, including incidents stemming from:

  • Broken locks, secure entry propped open, etc.
  • Broken or dummy security cameras
  • Insufficient or broken lighting
  • Too few bouncers or security guards at an event
  • A drunk or rowdy person whom security should have excluded or removed
  • Injuries from overzealous security personnel

Fairfield Negligent Security Lawyer

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