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Many people are surprised at how sophisticated a prenuptial agreement can be. These are tools that can be used for much more than simply outlining who will get the house and other major property in the case of a divorce. They can touch on other factors, such as alimony, retirement plans and other aspects in the event of a divorce.

I am a Connecticut family law attorney and I am here to work with you to build a personalized Connecticut pre-marital contract that will meet your individual needs.

I believe that, in order to have value, a prenuptial agreement in Connecticut must be tailored to your unique situation. You should not be provided with a ready-made contract to sign. Instead, your lawyer should take the time to learn about your circumstances. That is what I do. I will find out about you, your significant other, your family and the goals you hope to achieve. When I present you with a prenuptial agreement, you can be confident that it is designed to meet your needs.

Prenuptial Agreement
Prenuptial Agreement

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In Connecticut, prenuptial agreements can be designed to provide various outcomes based on the length of the marriage. For example, you can have the contract state that if the marriage lasts less than five years property will be divided one way, while if the marriage lasts 20 years, it will be divided in an entirely different way.

Ideally, these agreements will never have to be enforced. Often, they do not need to be enforced until many years after they are written. It is extremely important that they are done correctly so that they hold up in the event they are needed. I am committed to doing it right.

A common misunderstanding is that one attorney can put together a prenuptial agreement for both partners. In order for it to be most effective, both partners need a legal representative. I am able to represent people in Fairfield County and the surrounding parts of Connecticut.

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I am an experienced family law attorney who has extensive experience drafting and reviewing all types of Connecticut postnuptial and prenuptial agreements.

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