Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer and Other Serious Conditions

When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, it deprives the patient of the opportunity for early treatment to beat the disease or extend life. Failure to diagnose other medical conditions in a timely manner may lead to irreversible complications or death.

If the physician or hospital lab missed telltale signs or failed to follow up, you may have grounds to sue for medical malpractice. The Brian D. Kaschel Law Office will faithfully pursue justice for you or your loved one for lasting harm or wrongful death.

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Medical Malpractice: Failure to Diagnose and Misdiagnosis

If the disease is treatable, a significant delay in diagnosis is a “loss of a chance.” The patient may no longer be a candidate for aggressive treatment to eradicate the tumor or prevent it from spreading. Even if the disease is considered terminal, a late diagnosis may rob the person of precious months of life or cause needless suffering in the end stages.

A wrong diagnosis is also grounds for malpractice if it led to unnecessary or harmful treatment (removal of body parts, radiation or chemotherapy, etc.) or if the misdiagnosis resulted in a loss of a chance to treat the real condition.

Holding doctors or hospitals accountable requires proof that they deviated from the standard of care:

  • Failing to recognize specific symptoms of a disease
  • Failing to order additional tests
  • Misreading of an X-ray, MRI or CT scan
  • Lab errors or failure to forward lab reports to the doctor
  • Emergency room misdiagnosis of a life-threatening condition

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