Probate Courts and Juvenile Courts have jurisdiction to handle stepparent adoption in Connecticut. We know that many stepparents have a parent like relationship with their spouse’s child. They spend lots of time together and do all the things those parents and children enjoy. The child loves and trusts the stepparent and even calls them “mom”…

Abandonment is the most common ground to terminate parental rights (TPR) in Connecticut. If a parent is filing the TPR it starts in the Probate Court.  If DCF is involved, the TPR is filed in the local Juvenile Court.  Whenever a TPR is filed, the Probate Court or Juvenile will request that DCF conduct s…

The termination of parental rights in Connecticut often involve claims of abandonment.  A lack of an ongoing parent-child relationship is also frequently claimed as a ground when abandonment is alleged. Makes sense in that there is considerable factual overlap between these two concepts. There are two prongs to the claim of no ongoing parent-child relationship….

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