The need for at least one smoke alarm on each floor of a dwelling has been recognized and advocated by consumer protection agencies for decades. However, what can you do though, when defective smoke alarms don’t go off when a fire occurs, and injuries and/or damages result?

You should first seek out medical attention for any burns or smoke inhalation that you or your loved ones have suffered. Your next step should be to contact me, at the Brian D. Kaschel Law Office to explore your legal options during a free consultation.

  • Photoelectric alarms, which detect smoke
  • Ionization alarms, which detect heat

If you installed one of these types of fire alarms in your home and it malfunctions causing it to fail to timely alert you about a fire in your home, I can help you pursue a lawsuit to hold the manufacturer liable for your injuries. I also take on wrongful death cases related to situations involving defective smoke alarms.

Connecticut Defective Smoke Alarms Lawyer

Likewise, if you are renting a home and a defective smoke alarm malfunctions, I can help you pursue a claim against the building owner and manager if they failed to maintain the alarms properly, as well as the manufacturer if the device turns out to be faulty.

I know how to prove liability and the true value of your claim. I am adept at bringing in appropriate and reputable engineers and experts in various fields to inspect the product and testify to the design defect or manufacturing flaw that led to the alarm malfunctioning and causing harm.

Connecticut Product Recall Attorney

The product in question may have been recalled by the manufacturer after similar incidents, or yours may be a more isolated case. Either way, I can build a case for your medical care, lost income, disability, emotional trauma, or pain and suffering.

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