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Are you thinking about divorce but don’t know what to do next or whether you can handle the changes that will result from a divorce settlement?

I talk to people everyday who don’t know where to turn when their marriage has come to an end. Most of my family law clients are exactly like you: confused, frustrated and worried about their future.

Here are some considerations if you are thinking about divorce in Connecticut:

  • First, get your financing in order. We’ve all heard of people going broke after divorce or, conversely, coming out ahead by getting a great settlement. The truth is, nobody comes out ahead financially. After all, half of everything doesn’t mean more, it means less. Sit down with your accountant, your financial advisor or just a pad of paper and a calculator. Before you start spending money on a lawyer, do the math. What will you need to live comfortably? What do you want your life to look like after the dust settles?
  • Second, make a list of your marital assets. Part of your divorce process will include a full inventory and appraisal of your marital assets. You will be expected to list everything, and everything not listed will come out in the open. You won’t be doing yourself – or your lawyer – any favors by hiding assets or trying to claim them as personal assets.
  • Third, make sure you completely understand how your pension or other type of retirement account works. How much have you contributed over the years? How much did you contribute before your marriage? The current and future value of pensions and retirement accounts is considered marital property and subject to fair distribution during a settlement.
  • Fourth, look carefully at your insurance policies, including health, life, homeowner and auto insurance. Who have you listed as the beneficiaries? What needs to be changed? Do any of your polices have a cash value that is subject to marital property laws?
  • Finally, take into account child custody and child support. This is often the stickiest piece of the puzzle because many spouses don’t let go. Be realistic about your children’s needs. Is it really the best option to fight aggressively for sole custody? Or, will shared custody be best for everyone? Child support is awarded based on a state calculation. Fighting for getting more or for paying less is often futile and an expense that you really don’t need.

This is a tough time and you are facing some tough choices. I know that. The right lawyer will make the right difference as you come out on the other side of your divorce.

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