Living Wills in Connecticut state a person’s wishes regarding the type of health care they wish to receive. Living Wills are only considered by medical providers when someone cannot make their own medical decisions or when they are unable to communicate those decisions.

If you are in a terminal condition or have been declared to be “permanently unconscious.” It also tells your doctors and other medical providers whether you want to be administered “life support systems.” This would include CPR, a feeding tube and respirator. However, this does not include regular nutrition and pain medication for your comfort.

I suggest that your Living Will be part of your overall Advanced Heath Care Directives. Advance Directives include the appointment of a Health Care Representative and the designation of a Conservator. It can also include your wishes regarding organ donation.

A Health Care Representative expresses your wishes when you cannot do so. Otherwise, you may be at the mercy of the hospital.

A Conservator of the Person is appointed by the Probate Court when someone is incapable of meeting their own needs. This is also includes making the inability to make appropriate medical decisions. If you do not name a Conservator in advance, then the Probate Court will do for you. Avoid this potential pitfall. You should want to control who makes decisions for you.

Essentially, all of these documents allow you to “speak” even if incapacitated.

Photocopies of Living Wills and any other Advance Health Care Directives should be provided to your doctors, anyone you have appointed to act for you, family members and close friends.

Living Wills in Connecticut

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