Filing a Petition/Administration or Probate of Will is the first step in the Connecticut Probate Court process.

Here is an overview:

The Petition must be filed within the Probate Court district where the decedent was last domiciled on the date of death.  It should be filed within thirty (30) days of death. If the decedent was not a Connecticut resident, you may still be able to file here.   However, the requirements are very specific. Consult a lawyer if you have questions at all.

This form is used to open an Estate whether or not there is a will. If there is not a will, then check the appropriate box.   If there is, then submit the will it along with this form.  In either case, you must file the death certificate.

Propose an Executor (will) or Administrator (no will).  Once appointed, this individual oversees the administration of the estate.

All beneficiaries of the will must be notified of the opening of the estate. Send a copy of the Petition/Administration or Probate of Will and the will to all beneficiaries. You must certify to the Probate Court that you have done so.

Eventually, the Probate Court will send out notices to all interested parties. The Court may schedule a hearing or allow the opening of the estate without a hearing.  This varies by Court and often depends on the complexity of the estate.

Petition/Administration or Probate of Will in Connecticut
Petition/Administration or Probate of Will in Connecticut

Connecticut Estate Administration Attorney

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