A Connecticut Child Support Modification is possible when there has been a change in circumstances impacting a parent’s ability to pay the current child support order. Child Support Modification Lawyer – Fairfield and Stamford Some examples include total loss of job or a substantial decrease in income.  A recent case shows how the process works….

Parents modifying child support in Connecticut must show: A substantial change in circumstances since the previous support order; or A substantial deviation from the Connecticut child support guidelines A change in either the parents’ or the child’s circumstances may necessitate a corresponding change in the order. For example, if the child has developed a medical condition…

The Family Support Magistrate Courts in Connecticut hear cases involving paternity, establishing the amount of child support, modifying the amount of child support (increase or decrease the current support order) and enforcing the payment of child support (contempt). Divorces and issues of visitation are not heard in Family Support Magistrate Court but rather in the…

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