Yet another multi-car accident recently occurred at an uncontrolled intersection in Oxford, Connecticut. Four cars were involved in the accident at the corner of Route 67 and Governor’s Hill Road in, resulting in several individuals going to the hospital with complaints of chest and neck pain.

Two vehicles were travelling northbound on Route 67. A Mercury Mountaineer had stopped for traffic at the Governor’s Hill Road intersection and was waiting to turn left when it was struck rear-ended by a Chevrolet pickup truck. The Mountaineer spun into the southbound lane of Route 67 where it struck a Chevrolet Caprice. The fourth vehicle, an Acura RL, was sideswiped by the Mountaineer after the Acura’s driver veered in an attempt to avoid the accident.

This motor vehicle accident came on the heels of a fatal collision at the same uncontrolled intersection just a few months previous, in October 2010, claiming the life of a Connecticut man. The October accident was also caused by rear-end collision, once again, one vehicle striking another vehicle stopped at this intersection waiting to make a left-hand turn. The collision pushed the stopped car into Route 67 traffic where it was struck by another car.

Following that deadly accident, an Oxford city official asked the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) to study the intersection to see if a traffic light was needed to decrease accidents.

The DOT responded by noting that only six accidents had occurred at this intersection between 2006 and 2008, which it considered too insignificant to justify funding for a traffic light when compared to other similar locations throughout the state. There was no indication whether there had been any accidents between 2008 and 2011. The agency also stated that the accidents were not of the type that required a traffic light, and that a light would not have prevented these accidents from occurring. It did recommend upgrading the signs on the westbound and eastbound approaches to the intersection to warn motorists.

Speed appears to be the main reason for these accidents since the majority of traffic in this vicinity travel between 43 and 47 miles per hour. Along with inattentive or distracted motorists, uncontrolled intersections can be particularly dangerous areas. Drivers have to wait for traffic to pass, placing them at risk for rear-end collisions. Many collisions occur from left-turning vehicles at intersections as well.

While this particular dangerous section of road might not be getting a stoplight anytime soon, it is always good for drivers to be cautious when driving through uncontrolled intersections. Be attentive and alert when approaching intersections without stop signs or stoplights.


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