Many people in Connecticut rely on their cars for travelling from one place to another. We are dependent on our vehicles to run errands and go to work each day. When an accident occurs, not only can an individual be left without a vehicle, but they can also miss time from work as well as suffer personal injuries. A motor vehicle accident may take place even when a driver is being careful and vigilant.

Unfortunately, we have to share the road with other motorists and the same care we take behind the wheel cannot be guaranteed in other drivers. Other drivers can end up speeding, texting or talking on the phone — causing an accident to occur. Even a small period of diverted attention may cause a drastic accident. Recently, three people, including a passenger, were injured in a two-vehicle accident.

According to the police, two women were travelling in a sports utility vehicle on Interstate 95. A collision with a tractor-trailer totaled both vehicles. The accident caused injuries to drivers of both vehicles and the passenger of the SUV.

The police report states that the women suffered serious injuries due to the accident. The women were immediately transported to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer also suffered a head injury and was taken to the hospital. The police stated that everyone involved received serious injuries.

As accidents can cause severe injuries, individuals may experience pain and suffering along with staggering medical costs. A victim may have to receive medical treatment for a long period of time and may also need rehabilitation. Many households also suffer financial problems because they depend on the financial support of the injured person.

The at-fault driver may be end up paying compensation to the victim(s). The victims may choose to file a claim for damages including; medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. This compensation may enable the person to afford treatment expenses and also support the individual’s family during recovery.


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