Yes – restraining orders in Connecticut can be extended. In order to do so, the Applicant (the person in need of protection) must file a Motion to Extend before the restraining order expires. But once it lapses, you have to start from scratch and there’s no protection in the interim.

So – do not wait until the last minute to extend the order. The best practice is to file a motion 30 days before the expiration of the old order. This will take into account the time necessary for the Clerk’s Office to assign a date for the extension hearing and allows sufficient time for the Respondent (alleged perpetrator) to be properly served.

Even though a restraining order was previously granted, it is no “slam dunk” that it will be extended. The same procedure used at the initial hearing will be followed. Therefore, a judge must still find that based on the history of violence, threats and other evidence that there is “immediate and present physical danger.”

Formerly, restraining orders would be issued for 6 months. Now a judge may issue a restraining order for up to a year.

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