Divorce mediation in Connecticut is a process in which a divorcing couple attempts to resolve their outstanding issues with the assistance of a neutral third party (divorce mediator). A divorce mediator is typically an attorney with a family law background and training in dispute resolution. Divorce mediation may or not be appropriate for your case….

Connecticut is one of five states that legally recognizes same-sex marriage. But the federal government does not recognize these unions which in turn creates potential tax issues and mortgage complications. Here is useful information concerning these issues courtesy of MortageLoan.com http://www.mortgageloan.com/lgbt/

NBA star Dwayne Wade has won custody of his two sons, ages 3 and 9, after a five month custody battle with his ex-wife in Florida. The children will be transitioned to Wade’s residence over the next month during which time the mother will have limited contact with them. The children had been living primarily…

On Thursday March 10, I had the opportunity to present a brief overview of the divorce process in Connecticut and field questions from employees at Yale New Haven Hospital. An attendee asked the question of whether filing the divorce first made a difference. Does it matter who files the divorce first? Some people believe that…

A legal separation is similar in all respects to a divorce. Court orders are entered regarding custody, support, property distribution etc.  

In troubled economic times relationship decisions take on a whole new light. Marriage and divorce are not always about being in love – now these decisions are also about financial consequences. Many couples contemplating marriage are taking financial precautions to protect their assets in case the marriage doesn’t work out. Prenuptials are one of the…

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