A dog attack where a woman was bitten in the face by a friend’s dog after she went to pet it has been awarded over $364,000 by an arbitrator.   The dog had bitten three other people before this incident  and was put down soon after the incident.

The injured woman needed 26 stitches to her face, after the 35-pound Portuguese water dog attacked her as she entered her friend’s home to pick up her daughter from a play date. She immediately ran to the bathroom with extensive bleeding.   Paramedics arrived quickly transported her quickly to a Level 1 trauma facility at Hartford Hospital.

The victim also had plastic surgery on her face and several injections to heal the scar. Two plastic surgeons testified at the hearing and agreed that the scar was permanent.

An arbitrator awarded the injured woman $14,094 in past economic damages; $150,000 in past non-economic damages and $200,000 in future non-economic damages. The total award of $364,094 was paid by the homeowners insurance policy holder.

This type of case highlights that someone injured in a dog attack can be compensated for past and present medical bills as well as psychological trauma from the incident.

Sometimes victims are reluctant to bring a claim against a family member or friend. However, as mentioned above, the source of payment here (as in most cases) was the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance.

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Source: Glastonbury Woman Bitten in Face by Dog Gets $364,094 in Arbitration | Connecticut Law Tribune


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