Need a ride?

In the past, most folks would call a cab or phone a friend.  Now they whip out their Smart Phone and hit the Uber app.  Within a few minutes, a vehicle whisks them away to a destination near or far.

Unfortunately, with the increase in Uber traffic comes an increase in Uber car accidents.  Sure – Uber has been lauded for quick pickups and reasonable fares.  However, if you have been involved an Uber car accident you already know how difficult it is to report a claim and navigate the insurance maze.

For starters, Uber does not have live customer service so you are forced to initiate a claim through their website.

When you do eventually get a response, Uber is likely to deny liability while they sort which insurance company, if any, is on the hook.

The amount of insurance available to cover personal injuries will depend on whether the driver is already carrying Uber passenger and/or en route to pick up a passenger or simply logged onto Uber.  The take away from this blog is that Uber make muck things up just enough so that you become frustrated and finally go away.

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