Increase Connecticut Alimony? Yes it can happen.  Alimony orders can be modified unless the divorce decree specifically precludes modification.  Some Separation Agreements provide that the amount can be modified but the term (length of time to pay alimony) cannot be extended.  Other times there is no language at all about modification and therefore changing the order (up or down) is permitted.

In a recent case, the alimony order was modified from $1,600 to $6,000 per month.   The wife was able to prove a “substantial change in circumstances” since the date of the last order because the ex-husband’s income increased by four times the amount he was earning when they divorced.

At the time of the divorce the ex-wife has assets of close to $240,000.  By the time she filed her Motion for Modification the assets had dwindled to about $10,000 since she was forced to use her assets to meet living expenses.

Furthermore, her earning capacity was minimal and she was experiencing health issues.

All of this led the court to conclude that the previous alimony award was insufficient to maintain the wife’s standard of living.

Alimony modifications in Connecticut are very fact dependent.  If have questions about how to increase Connecticut alimony please contact me.


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