Divorce review counsel for a Connecticut divorce usually become involved as part of mediation.  In fact, a growing number of divorcing couples are opting for divorce mediation as a way of resolving their disputes. Mediation is often much less adversarial and therefore usually more cost effective.

However, the mediation process does not necessarily eliminate the need for the parties to retain a lawyer. In fact, many mediators strongly encourage spouses to engage their own lawyer known as review counsel.

Here is how review counsel for a Connecticut divorce can help:

During mediation

  • Help prepare for mediation negotiations. The more information you have the more effectively you can advocate your position during settlement negotiations.
  • Experienced review counsel can identify issues particular to your case and provide a range of possible legal outcomes.
  • After the mediator drafts the Separation Agreement, review counsel can make sure its fair. This is especially important since the mediator does not represent either party. Their role is to get you to the finish line.
  • Review counsel will explain the terms so that you have a complete understanding. The mediator cannot give legal advice.
  • Review counsel can also offer additional language and other suggestions, which you should incorporate into the Agreement.

After mediation

  • Review counsel may assist in preparing all the necessary documents for your uncontested divorce.
  • In some instances, they will also appear in court for your final hearing.

Retaining review counsel is obviously not required. However, this option is becoming is increasing in popularity especially in the Bridgeport and Stamford Courts. It is usually worth the investment since the cost is a fraction of the fee paid to attorneys in traditional divorce litigation.

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