The Case Management Date for a Connecticut divorce is the way the Family Court tracks a case. In Bridgeport Court, it will be a Tuesday.  In Stamford Court, it will be a Thursday.

There is a 90-day waiting period to obtain a divorce in Connecticut. The Case Management Date will be right after that period expires. Theoretically, this is the earliest possible date you can get divorced or legally separated. However, in most courts, it is usually a few weeks after that to get your uncontested divorce finalized.

Sometimes you have to appear in court on your Case Management Date and other times you don’t.

If you have an agreement on all issues (uncontested) then you do not need to appear. When only financial issues are in dispute, (limited contested) you do not need to appear in court if there is an understanding on a schedule of exchanging financial records and other discovery issues.  However, even though you do not appear in court, you must file a Case Management Agreement for either of these types of cases.

If there are parenting disputes the parties and their attorneys are required to appear in court.  At that time, the judge will consider appointing a guardian ad litem and/or ordering a Family Relations Study.  If you reach an agreement for custody, decision-making and visitation then a judge can approve your proposed plan on that day.

Do not ignore the Case Management Date.  Failure to follow the procedure will often result in the divorce case being dismissed.

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