The Darien Probate Court serves the towns of Darien and New Canaan Connecticut and hears these types of cases:

1. Cases involving Estates. When someone passes away, the local Probate Court oversees the administration of the estate. The Court will appoint an executor. Beneficiaries will be identified so that property may be distributed pursuant to the decedent’s will. As part of the administration process, the Court also requires creditors to be notified and debts determined. If a decedent dies without a will (intestate), the court may appoint an administrator who will function as an executor would if the decedent had died with a will.  The Probate Court also hears will contests and issues involving certain trusts.

2. Cases to protect adults. Unfortunately, there are times where once well functioning adults are no longer capable of managing their financial or personal affairs. In such an instance, the Darien Probate Court has the authority to appoint a conservator of the estate, a conservator of the person or both to protect the interests of the adult. The Probate Court may also commit adults suffering from mental illness or addiction to residential facilities for appropriate treatment.  The Darien Probate Court hears cases involving patients at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan.

3. Cases involving the welfare of children. The Probate Court has the authority to remove an unfit parent as the guardian of their child. In cases involving extreme neglect or abuse the Court also may terminate parental rights. If parental rights have been terminated, the Darien Probate Court may grant an adoption.

The Darien Probate Court is very user friendly and the staff is extremely helpful. Therefore, in many instances you may not need to retain an attorney. However, in more complex matters hiring a lawyer is advised.

Darien- New Canaan Probate Court
Darien Probate Court

Darien Probate Court Attorney

I represent clients in Probate Court matters though out Fairfield County including those who reside in Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Trumbull, Stratford, Bridgeport, Westport, Weston, New Canaan, Wilton, Norwalk, Darien, Stamford and Greenwich.

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