If you are reading this, you probably were involved in a Fairfield, CT car accident. There are a lot of blogs about what to do at the scene. This post is about what to do once you are safe at home.

1. Call your insurance company. In fact, you are obligated to do so. Give them the details about the accident and get them a police report as soon as it’s available. Go over your coverage to make arrangements to get your car repaired and your medical bills paid.

2. Get medical treatment. This seems obvious. But it’s important to get prompt and consistent medical treatment. Delays and gaps in treatment allow insurance adjusters to argue that car accident injuries are not serious. And make sure to get a specialist if necessary. Opinions from primary physicians are discounted.

3. Be quiet. Do not give a statement to the other insurance company and be careful about discussing the accident after the fact with the police or witnesses. Have your lawyer do that.

4. Watch out for low-ball settlement offers. Adjusters want to settle cases early. Badly. And once you sign a release, you waive any and all future claims. If you are still receiving medical treatment, you should not agree to any settlement offers. I realize it might be tempting to grab the money now. But it is usually worth retaining an attorney to fully assess what the case is really worth. Don’t let an adjuster tell you otherwise – they work for the company not for you.

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