Effective January 6, 2014, Limited Scope Representation will be permitted in Connecticut divorces and other family court matters. There has been some disagreement amongst the bar on this topic but I think it can be a cost effective way to retain counsel.

Limited Scope Representation permits a litigant to hire a divorce lawyer for only part of a case. In the past, a party either hired a lawyer for the entire case or represented themselves.

Here’s how it works.

The client and lawyer would agree as to which aspects of the case the lawyer would manage on behalf of the client. The client would handle the remaining parts of their case. Since the lawyer’s involvement is limited, the legal fees are minimized thereby allowing those on tight budgets to retain a lawyer. Even those with ample financial resources may consider Limited Scope Representation as a prudent way to manage legal expenses.

Examples of where Limited Representation might be beneficial include:

  • Filing Motions for Contempt, Motions for Modification and motions related to parenting issues (i.e. custody and visitation)
  • Drafting documents
  • Preparing or Reviewing Separation Agreements
  • Representation at pretrial or other settlement conference
  • Representation at a contested trial.

Always insist on a very detailed Retainer Agreement with your lawyer specifically outlining the exact scope of representation. This will avoid potential misunderstandings. If the client and attorney agree, the scope of the representation can always be expanded at a later time.

There is some disagreement amongst the bar about whether this is a good concept. I like it.

Please contact me if you wish Limited Scope Representation in Connecticut.


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