If your ex-spouse is not complying with orders from another state, you can take action in Connecticut Family Court. For example, out of state orders (foreign judgments) concerning custody, alimony, child support and other divorce orders can be enforced in Connecticut if they are properly registered here.

Here is a “snapshot” of the procedure:

  • Satisfy the residency requirements
  • Obtain certified copies of the orders from the originating state
  • Properly file the out of state orders with the Clerk’s Office in Connecticut
  • Provide proof that the other party was correctly served

Once the out of state orders are accepted in Connecticut, a party can enforce and modify the judgment here.

A common scenario involves a party who failed to follow orders from another state and has since relocated to Connecticut. The “innocent” party seeks what is owed.

Collection procedures could include:

  • Incarceration to coerce compliance with the court order
  • Income withholding so that the required payment is taken directly from a paycheck
  • Judgment lien on real estate

If a party is found in contempt, they may also be ordered to pay legal fees.

Please contact me to discuss how to register out of state orders in Connecticut.


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