Prenuptial agreements may not be romantic. They may offend some people. I have even heard of broken engagements and canceled weddings over the subject.

Putting that aside, they are practical for most people who are contemplating getting married. A well-drafted agreement can save thousands in legal fees in the event of divorce. Not to mention the uncertainty of bickering that goes with contsted divorce litigation.

Many clients are surprised to hear just how many areas can be addressed in a Connecticut prenuptial agreement.

For example, prenuptial agreements in Connecticut can address the following:

  • A complete or partial separation of marital and personal property
  • Protection from a spouse’s debts
  • Making an estate plan
  • How to handle tax issues
  • Establishing spousal support or eliminating alimony altogether
  • Determining rights in pensions and other retirement accounts
  • Deciding ownership rights in life insurance policies
  • Choosing the law of a particular state when interpreting the Agreement

That’s a lot. But not every prenuptial agreement will cover all those topics. It depends on the particular circumstances of the couple. Some of these agreements are intricate and complex. Others are much more basic.

Now – how about what prenuptial agreements in Connecticut cannot include?

  • Anything involving a crime
  • Conditions that would violate public policy – like encourage divorce
  • Financial terms that would force a spouse on welfare if the Agreement was enforced
  • Adversely affecting the right of child to receive support
  • A judge must always approve child custody and visitation.

Contact me if you need drafting or review of prenuptial agreements in Connecticut.

For example, I don’t think this condition would be enforced:


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