Family Courts and Juvenile Courts in Connecticut have the authority to order hair follicle testing to determine whether there is a pattern of drug use. I have seen these tests ordered with increasing frequency as the reliability of these tests are now widely accepted.

The standard hair follicle test goes back about 90 days and can show the presence of cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamine and PCP. These tests will not detect the last 1-2 weeks of drug use because the hair has not grown from the scalp. Therefore, if recent drug use is suspected, urinalysis is the way to go.

Judges order substance abuse testing to assess the safety of a child in the care of a particular parent. If the test is dirty, treatment will likely be ordered and visitation either suspended or supervised in the interim.

You need about an inch and half of hair from the scalp. If head hair is not available, a sample of body hair can be used although I am told the results are not nearly as reliable. And if there is no hair – well then no test.

So how about this one?

A Connecticut judge ordered a father to undergo a hair test. And what does he do? Well naturally, he shaves his head and entire body to prevent testing.

It was a purely a coincidence of course.

The judge found him in contempt and denied him visitation.

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