Connecticut has some the of the toughest laws in the country regarding texting and driving.

And there is a movement to increase penalties for two time losers – ugh offenders.


We have all seen idiots texting and driving. I have witnessed these morons racing on I-95 doing it.

Why would you sacrifice your life and the lives of others to catch a score, make plans or simply gossip?

I support treating this type of offense the same way as driving under the influence. Yank their license for 6 months – automatically. Make the jerks go to driving school and pay a steep fine. Graduated penalties for a second offense and a year suspension. Third offense – you’re done. You don’t get the privilege to share the road with us anymore – at least not as a driver.  After all, you can’t fix stupid.

In the civil arena, I would add texting and driving to the list of “reckless” offenses thereby allowing double or treble damages if this conduct caused a car accident.

It seems like I am reading these types of accidents with increasing frequency.

These accidents are better defined as collisions. High impact. The “texting” driver is not paying attention at all resulting in a high impact collision. And unfortunately, the injuries tend to be much more serious than a fender bender at a stop sign.

Texting and Driving
Texting and Driving

Connecticut Texting And Driving Car Accident Attorney

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