By the time they turn 16, one-half of children in the United States will experience their parent’s divorce.

If you are a parent and going through a divorce (or a contested custody case) it’s important to understand the impact that the process has on your children.

I recently watched a quick film about kids and divorce from the child’s perspective.

Some of the quotes include:

“My fault they got divorced.” Guilt.

“It’s like something that you love breaks and you can’t put it back together.” Sadness.

“Taking sides. That side or this side.” Conflicted.

“Don’t get in their way.” Scared.

“Mom told me she had a new boyfriend.” Anger.

“It’s like a rollercoaster.” Confusion.

A link to the film appears below:

SPLIT … a film for (and by) kids of divorce by Ellen Bruno – Kickstarter


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