Readers in Fairfield may have heard about a recent car accident in Woodbury that injured seven people. According to authorities, a car travelling south lost control on Flanders road, hit an embankment and ended up on the wrong side of the road. This caused a head-on collision with another approaching car. Seven people were injured in this car accident.

Fire fighters, officials from public works and four ambulances arrived at the scene. The injured people were sent to area hospitals for treatment. Although none of the injuries were life threatening, the victims suffered lacerations, abrasions and broken bones. Authorities are currently investigating.

If someone is involved in a road accident, they should be aware they can file a compensation claim.

If injured, an individual needs to take several steps so his or her claim may be processed successfully. After the initial report is made to the police, it is important for the individuals involved in the crash to not discuss the matter with the other vehicle’s occupants. This is because anything a person says may be used as evidence against them later in court. It is also important for those in an accident to note details and take photos, if they are able. Additionally, basic contact details and insurance information of the other driver should be obtained.

Some injuries may seem minor initially after an accident, but the victim should still receive immediate medical treatment and give all details of any pain or obvious injuries to the doctor. What may seem like a minor injury not worthy of treatment at the scene of a crash can quickly grow into a more serious injury if not treated appropriately.

Compensation from the liable driver may not eliminate the memories of the accident and any injuries, but it can help the injured recover any losses they suffered.

Source:, “Seven hospitalized after Woodbury crash,” Sept. 29, 2012.


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