Most individuals cross the street within a crosswalk because that is the designated safe area for walkers to enter traffic. Even pedestrians walking through parking lots are finding themselves involved in dangerous collisions with vehicles. It is important for pedestrians to be vigilant when crossing roadways or busy traffic areas, even the most careful can be susceptible to vehicle accidents.

Recently, a pedestrian accident occurred in Stratford on Ferry Boulevard, very close to Broad Street. The police report stated that a car hit the 70-year-old male. The victim suffered head injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. The police are unaware of the victim’s current medical condition and criminal charges have not yet been filed against the driver.

Pedestrian accidents have become increasingly common. The state takes many preventive measures to avoid accidents and to educate residents on pedestrian safety. However, people walking within a crosswalk or even through a parking lot are still in danger of accidents.

A pedestrian may be injured if the driver is negligent or fails to notice people walking on the streets. Speeding or distracted driving is a major contributor to this type of accident. A person walking on the road is more vulnerable than a driver behind the wheel of a car and all accidents can potentially cause life-threatening injuries. People walking on the road usually do not have an opportunity to avoid a sudden vehicle in their path.

A pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle can cause physical and emotional trauma, which often involves a lot of pain and suffering. The victim may also need ongoing medical treatment or rehabilitation. Medical expenses add to the burden of the injured person and his family. The person injured should be aware of the compensation and monetary awards that they may be entitled to recover. Compensation for lost wages and diminished quality of life may also be claimed. According to law, the responsible person should compensate the victim for the injuries and suffering caused by the accident.

Source: Patch, “Car strikes man in Stratford,” Jason Bagley, Oct. 6, 2012.

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