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Determining paternity before birth

By Brian Kaschel of Brian D. Kaschel Law Office posted in Divorce and Family Law on August 1st, 2012.

New blood tests are becoming available that can determine paternity as early as the eight week of pregnancy.

Proponents of these tests believe that establishing paternity will allow the mother to terminate the pregnancy if the preferred father is, in fact, not the father. In addition, fathers may be more willing to offer financial support during the pregnancy in anticipation of the birth of their baby.

Opponents argue that the tests will increase abortion rates.

Pre-natal paternity findings may eventually change the timing of child support obligations such that fathers will have to contribute support pre-birth. Advocates for men contend that a father should not be required through court order to render financial support to the mother unless the child is actually born.

The testing may be a bit away. It seems that the science has not been completely accepted in the medical community.

One false test result and imagine the chaos that will follow!

Read more here: Paternity Blood Tests That Work Early in a Pregnancy – NYTimes.com


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