Post judgment motions are simply motions filed after you have been divorced.

At the time of a divorce, certain orders are entered. All of these orders make up the divorce judgment. A post judgment motion is filed to address orders within the divorce judgment.

A post judgment motion usually falls into one of two categories:

1. A motion complaining that an order from the divorce judgment is not being followed. This is known as a Motion for Contempt. Any order in the divorce judgment is subject to being enforced in this manner. The most common example includes a claim that the alimony, child support or other financial obligation or payment is not being made. Another common Motion for Contempt involves the failure of a parent to follow the Parenting Plan (i.e. a custodial parent not allowing a child to visit).

2. A motion claiming that the original orders should be changed. This is called a Motion for Modification. There are spouses who have second thoughts about the original orders. Some even have “buyer’s remorse.” That’s not enough. A Motion for Modification must allege a “substantial change in circumstances” since the prior order was entered. As with Motions for Contempt, many modifications deal with changes in the financial circumstances of a party such a job loss or increase earnings such that the alimony or child support orders should be adjusted. Modifications also include amending orders of custody and visitation to ensure that the controlling orders are in the child’s best interest.

Post Judgment Motions

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