According to the NY Daily News on April 17.

Three years ago a wife was awarded lifetime alimony of $850 per month. It appears that the basis for the award was her claim that she was unable to work due to a injuries sustained in a car accident.

Seems the wife was actually not that injured after all. In fact, she had been belly dancing ever since the divorce. Apparently her own blog postings did her in. For example, she admitted on her blog to “dancing every day for three years” “dancing herself silly”, “swirling around” and other descriptive dance moves.

The judge ordered the alimony terminated and the belly dancer to pay the husband’s legal fees of $5,000. The case presents another example of how one’s ability to be self sufficient post divorce can provide the basis for a modification of alimony. It is also yet another example of online media playing a role in a family law case.

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