Professional Negligence in Veterinary Care

It’s always heart-wrenching when a pet dies or is suffering. It feels even worse if you suspect that the death or disability stemmed from incompetent care at an animal clinic.

As licensed medical professionals, veterinarians are subject to lawsuits for malpractice the same as a physician. A vet clinic can also be sued for negligence the same as a hospital.

I can determine if you have a viable case for veterinarian malpractice for death or harm to your dog or cat. Contact me for a case evaluation.

Fairfield Veterinarian Malpractice Lawyer

A bad outcome, even when a pet dies under the care of a vet, is not necessarily malpractice. There must be evidence that the veterinarian or staff deviated from the accepted standard of care in veterinary medicine, and that the negligence caused your animal’s death or health problem.

You might have grounds to sue for such negligence as:

  • A botched surgery
  • Failure to diagnose a serious but treatable condition
  • Medication or anesthesia errors
  • Failure to supervise, such as animals unattended overnight

You would gladly trade the money to have your healthy companion back, but filing a lawsuit or making a claim to the licensing agency may help prevent a similar tragedy.

Veterinary Negligence: Connecticut Surgical Error Attorney

Lawsuits and other claims against veterinarians and animal hospitals are becoming more common as the law and legal precedent catches up to pet owners who demand justice.

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