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Fairfield Animal Cruelty Attorney

Compensation for Death or Harm to Your Pet

The most common victims of dog attacks, aside from children, are other animals. If your pet was killed by someone else’s vicious dog, you may have grounds to sue the owner for your emotional loss. You might likewise have a lawsuit if your pet was injured, tortured or killed by a person.

I practice in the emerging field of pet-related litigation, and I understand how heartbroken you must be over what happened to your pet. The Brian D. Kaschel Law Office will pursue justice for animal cruelty or for the wrongful death of your canine or feline companion.

I represent pet owners in Fairfield County and New Haven County. Contact me for a free consultation about your rights and legal remedies.

Fairfield Animal Cruelty Lawyer

We have animal protection laws, but the legal system does not recognize dogs or cats as individuals with rights. You may be able to bring a claim if your companion animal was killed or badly injured through intentional or negligent acts.

You may also be able to recover expenses of veterinary care, the fair monetary value of the companion animal and burial expenses.

I can assess your claim for reasonable damages under many scenarios:

  • Your dog was attacked by another dog while you were out for a walk
  • A dog allowed to run loose came into your yard and killed your cat
  • Your pet was poisoned, tortured or shot
  • Someone knowingly or intentionally ran over your pet and left it to die

There are many factors at play, such as the viciousness of the attack or degree of cruelty, whether the offending dog was a known menace or dangerous breed, whether you witnessed your pet’s death and whether the owner made any attempt to intervene.

Connecticut Attorney for Loss of a Pet

I can explain your rights and options in a free case evaluation, including remedies other than monetary compensation to hold the person or animal owner accountable. Call my Fairfield law office at (203) 259-5251 or contact me online.


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