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Divorce mediation in Fairfield, Connecticut

Connecitcut divorce mediation is a process in which a divorcing couple attempts to resolve their outstanding issues with the assistance of a neutral third party (divorce mediator).  A divorce mediator is typically an attorney with a family law background and training in dispute resolution.  

DCF Connecticut Investigations: Physical Neglect

Broadly speaking, Connecticut DCF defines Neglect as allowing a child to be denied proper care and attention physically, educationally, emotional or morally. By DCF standards, Neglect is also permitting a child to live under conditions or circumstances that are injurious to his or her well-being. 

Appealing Connecticut DCF Central Registry placement

DCF has 45 days to complete a Neglect or Abuse Investigation.  At the conclusion of the Investigation, DCF will "snail mail" the "Notice of Investigation Results."   An accused should appeal any recommendation for placement on the Central Registry.