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Connecticut: terminate parental rights if no ongoing relationship

In Connecticut Probate Courts one of the most common grounds to terminate parental rights is abandonment.  The lack of an ongoing parent-child relationship is also frequently claimed as a ground when abandonment is alleged. Makes sense in that there is considerable factual overlap between these two concepts.  

Inheritances in a Connecticut divorce

Many spouses assume that they will keep any inheritance(s) they received if they get divorced in Connecticut.  It is true that frequently judges view inheritances as assets which stay with the side of the family that generated the inheritance. However, this is not always the case.

Divorce mediation in Fairfield, Connecticut

Connecitcut divorce mediation is a process in which a divorcing couple attempts to resolve their outstanding issues with the assistance of a neutral third party (divorce mediator).  A divorce mediator is typically an attorney with a family law background and training in dispute resolution.